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  • Golf Events to establish contacts

    Golf does not only give you the opportunity to be physically active, but also to establish contacts and present your company. A lot can be achieved, both privately and relating to business, through a golf event. Of course, not every event is the same. It is necessary to differentiate as there are many possibilities of how to organize an event. It is important to know what should be achieved with the event.

    The organization can begin after this analysis. Care should also be taken when considering which organization partners and sponsors to choose. GreenSports has good contacts with golf club Mangers in Germany and abroad and is therefore able to refer to a multitude of companies, who have an assortment of golf equipment. You can safely leave the organization of your event in our hands, and look forward to the big event with peace of mind.

    A golf event can be planned so that it takes the form of a tournament, allowing the participants the possibility to exchange ideas with participants from other companies whilst also establishing contacts. Companies can present themselves in a relaxed atmosphere, enjoy the golf and, incidentally, discuss and conclude important business.

    It is also possible to organize an event where professional golfers play with amateurs Pro-Am. Furthermore, companies also have the possibility to present themselves at the professional tournaments of various Tours. Charity golf events are also very popular, as golfers, regardless of their playing abilities, have the opportunity to come together to do something good and have fun doing so. Golf events can be designed according to the wishes of the organizer.

    Golf is not only valuable as a large-scale event, but also as quick rounds with a business partner, or to motivate employees. Due to the relaxation and stress alleviation during a game, solutions to problems can quickly be found.

    An enjoyable way to play is, for example, at so-called Business Golf events, where it is possible to meet notable people from the business and entertainment world. GreenSports offers the opportunity to perfectly run these Business Golf events. Our PGA Golf Pros have many years of experience and, together with our Event team, are unbeatable on the golf course.

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