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    Around 50 million people play golf around the world. The aim of the game is to hit a ball into a hole with the fewest possible strokes. This increasingly popular pastime is also being used more and more by companies.

    A round of golf is suitable, for example, to relieve everyday stress. Many golfers do not only play for training purposes, but also in golf tournaments, in which they can play with other golfers over 18 holes and improve their Handicap.

    It is happening more and more that companies are starting a Golf Tournament Series, in order to offer their customers something special. Golf tournaments are excellent for promotional purposes or as Business Golf Tournaments or Corporate Golf Tournaments. Despite the sport setting, there will certainly be enough time to discuss business topics. At the follow up to the golf tournament at the latest, the customers will give their thanks for the invitation and inform you of the enjoyment they had during the tournament.

    In addition Corporate GolfGolf or Business Golf offer the possibility to reward and motivate employees for their work as well as giving yourself the opportunity to come into contact with other companies. Golf tournaments combined with team building measures are very popular. On this occasion, a company organizes a tournament, in which companies compete against each other in teams. The goal is to establish contacts in a relaxed atmosphere and to build business relationships.

    Another possibility is to organize a tournament, in which PGA golf professionals (e.g. PGA of Germany, golf instructors from around Europe, professionals from other Clubs as well as top amateurs of the DGV (German Golf Association) and amateurs play together. Such a golf event can be planned by a company in order to treat their customers and to get to know them better in a laid-back atmosphere. Such an event is known as a Pro-Am tournament.

    A Pro-Am tournament has the motto “attentiveness sustains friendship”. The customers of the company organizing the tournament are offered the rare opportunity to learn tips and tricks from qualified golf professionals (PGA golf professional = golf instructor) and to play a round with them.

    Other styles of tournaments could be a professional tournament at the level of the PGA Tour, Ladies European Tour (LET), the European PGA Tour, Challenge Cup Tour or EPD Tour. In these tournaments, the PGA professionals compete for a prize, which could carry the name of your company.

    Charity golf tournaments are also very popular because not only is golf played, but everything is under the motto of doing something for a good cause. A multitude of notable people often come together at these events leaving a more than positive impression of your company. The media coverage of such a charitable event is enormous, and it is all for a good cause!

    The events agency GreenSports Gmbh has more than 10 years experience in all varieties of golf tournaments and can therefore perfectly put your ideas into practice. A golf tournament can be organized according to the individual wishes of the organizer. Regardless if it is Charity Golf, Business Golf, Corporate Golf or Professional Golf – GreenSports always offers a compatible concept.

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