Go Green! Sustainable Events

  • Golf events influenced by the environment.
    As a leading company in the field of golf events, we naturally see it as our responsibility to meet the requirements of the market and of our customers. Taking into consideration the environment, it is also our duty to work ecologically, hence, the importance of sustainability.

    Take Responsibility!
    We see active environmental protection as a continuing process. That is why we are constantly working with our clients to devise ways to make existing event concepts even more environmentally friendly. We are convinced by our concept and bear the responsibility along with our clients, their customers and all those involved in the implementation processes.

  • Good For The Image!
    Our customers convince with exemplary ideas and document the ecological strategies using environmentally friendly and certified media from the very beginning of the organizational process. Sustainable forestry, environmentally friendly production processes and modern disposal are only a few of the starting points

    Uncompromisingly Economical
    In today’s mobile society, C02 emissions are unavoidable. Every movement leaves traces in our atmosphere. We try to cut down on emissions in other areas to make up for those created by our events. Our concept helps us together with our client, sponsor and guests to explore new ways to take care of our environment.

  • Impressively Creative
    We closely evaluate the entire event process, from the initial planning to the review. New approaches are developed to make better use of resources, pool energy and burden the environment as little as possible. Therefore, every event has an innovative and sustainable environmental concept. We talk with our customers about the so-called ‘self contained life cycle’ of our events. Alexander Chirband
GreenSports - Sustainable Events

    Alexander Chirband
    GreenSports - Sustainable Events

Golf Olympiad

What is the Golf-Olympiad?

  • An excellent possibility for customer retention
  • Team building for customers and employees
  • Public and media effective company presentations
  • Unique and exclusive experience for customers and employees
  • Ideal combination of business, lifestyle and professional, competitive sport


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We will do your merchandising!

Leave the work to us and concentrate on the essential things. We develop tailor-made and individual solutions for your promotional products, rewards, prizes and give-aways. Use the GreenSports network and take care of your budget.

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