Organizing Golf Events

  • GreenSports Professional Golf Events

    Organizing golf events can be very demanding, therefore the event should also be well prepared, organized, planned and staged.

    With GreenSports – Professional Golf Events you have an agent at your disposal, who is specialized in the organization of golf events. Part of golf event organization is also the correct approach, planning and focus as well as the post-event processes. The organization of such an event begins with the choice of the event theme.

    Among the choices are: Golf-Cup Regional Tournament, Trophy Tournament Series, Pro-Am tournaments or tournaments of the Professional EPD Tour, Challenge Tour, Ladies European Tour and PGA European Tour. In order to set up a successful event, you should discuss with GreenSports what kind of event would be best for your company. At GreenSports, experienced PGA golf professionals work side by side with the customer to ensure the event is a success.

    Golf is suitable in many respects: to relax, to establish contacts, to solve problems with business partners in a relaxed atmosphere, and to strengthen business ties.

    However, a well-organized golf event can also be used to convey an important message or news because, in more relaxed surroundings, information can be taken on board more easily than in the office.

    A prefect golf event is thoroughly planned, down to the smallest detail by a good Events Agency like GreenSports GmbH. The ‘welcome gifts’ (give aways) and tournament prizes (trophies, non-cash prizes, merchandising) should also be carefully selected, because what is a successful golf event without an award ceremony with fine trophies and superior prizes?

    Every golf event can be successful if the right people are involved. You should be able to rely on an event agency, which has the competence, experience and professionalism to organize a successful event.

    Our success is supported by 10 years experience and our high-ranking references. The team at GreenSports is ready for your golf event!

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