Pro-Am Tournaments

  • It’s the mix that makes it work!

    The draw of a Pro-Am tournament lies in the meeting of professional golfers and passionate amateurs. Through the professional organization of Pro-Am tournaments,

    GreenSports can achieve an atmosphere in which many amatuers excel themselves and show what they have in them.

    You and your customers can play side-by-side with top professionals from all over the world, and let them show you the small tips and tricks that only they know!

    We will gladly advise you on your Pro-Am tournament:
    Stephan Hölz, Tel: +49 (0)6204-97 69 26

Golf Olympiad

What is the Golf-Olympiad?

  • An excellent possibility for customer retention
  • Team building for customers and employees
  • Public and media effective company presentations
  • Unique and exclusive experience for customers and employees
  • Ideal combination of business, lifestyle and professional, competitive sport


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We will do your merchandising!

Leave the work to us and concentrate on the essential things. We develop tailor-made and individual solutions for your promotional products, rewards, prizes and give-aways. Use the GreenSports network and take care of your budget.

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