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  • Organizing a Succesful Golf Event

    What does it mean to organize a successful golf event? First of all, it has to be clear what is understood by a golf event.

    A golf event can be a tournament, in which several companies take part and play against each other. This is also called Corporate Golf or Business Golf and can be used to establish contacts, to get to know new business partners or to refresh business relationships. Corporate Golf or Business Golf from GreenSports means playing with your business partner in a relaxed atmosphere and to take care of business contacts and bind them strongly to your company.

    Another form of golf event is the Pro-Am tournament. A GreenSports Pro-Am golf event is where amateurs and professionals play rounds together. Customers will be thrilled that they are allowed to learn first-hand and find out what it is to be a player on a professional tour (e.g. European PGA Tour or ladies European Tour LET).

    We of course also offer you the possibility to participate in a big golf event e.g. PGA professional tournaments, as an advertising or sponsoring partner. Through this you can achieve a considerable media presence (TV, Internet, radio, newspaper) and meet target groups from young to old.

    The organizing of a charity campaign or a Charity Golf Cup is always positively accepted. This can take the form of a golf tournament or as an own golf event. Charity golf events benefit not only the customers, but also aid organizations.

    At these events, the famous, rich and influential meet together to do something good and to collect donations for a good cause of your choice. These kinds of golf events also have a large media interest. GreenSports is the ideal partner at your side for this kind of event management.

    In this way, you create a win-win situation because the event helps needy people and will also appear in a lot of media and will be looked back on with positivity.

    Alongside the tournament, we also offer the “non-golfing” accompanying person or potential new business partner a taster course to introduce them to the sport.

    Golf events are not always alike. For the organization of such an important event you should definitely refer to a professional golf agent with a lot of experience, who can create a succesul event from your ideas and concepts. GreenSports will gladly support you!

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